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For over a decade, I have dedicated myself exclusively to sound, working as a sound designer, music producer, and sound engineer on a wide variety of projects, from films, series, albums, to games and advertising.


My background in music studio led me to work with great artists and professionals in the field, dedicating to projects that brought unique challenges in short periods of time and with a high demand for excellence. The experience gained over the years has made me an expert in my field, helping me develop my creative style.


For the past 7 years, I have been a part of the creative team at The Walt Disney Company, where I have worked on projects that have been recognized with numerous awards, both individual and team. In this portfolio, I share with you a little bit of my journey and contribution over the years, helping to ensure that audio productions are always of high quality and impactful.


  • The Walt Disney Company - Creative Services Specialist & Sr. Sound Designer


  • FOX Network Group - Sr. Sound Designer

  • Selo Instituto - Sound Designer | Music Producer 

  • Anvil FX - Sound Designer | Music Producer 

  • YB Music - Studio Assistant

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